Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embracing the rain....

Yesterday we had a lovely storm followed by some much appreciated teamed down....

So like most crazy coastie's we went to the beach. Perfect timing for beautiful.....

The boys went off for a surf and as the rain started pouring once again we put the camera back in the car and went for a nice wet walk. The rain was all warm and jumping in puddles for little people was lots of fun. 

Once we were sufficiently drenched, we headed back to my friends Winebago (which was conveniently located in the car park) and took some time to chat, knit and crochet while we dried off. 

It was a most loverly way to end the day.

Namaste. xoxox


  1. I love a rainy day - especially when I don't have to work and can sit around and enjoy it. When it was time to replace my roof, I had a metal roof put on specifically for rainy days! We've got one today, but alas, I am stuck in my office. I did enjoy having the back door open this morning though, and listening to it drumming on the porch roof.

  2. I thought I'd commented already - but I'm thinking maybe I did on FB?
    I love the rain, too. When we go to the ocean .. we usually head for the Oregon Coast. It takes us 5 hours to drive. Often it is raining - sometimes just a gentle mist that caresses one's face is attaches itself to you so softly that it leaves you soggy damp without you realizing it.


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