Thursday, November 7, 2013


Keep It Simple .... Silly....

I had great plans of getting up and writing a deep and meaningful post today. You know, actually making an effort to write something interesting. However, I had one hell of a night of vivid dreaming and did not end up with much sleep. Thought I would start the day with an uplifting meditation only to end up doing more of a healing meditation which left me feeling a bit off skew. Then I tried to do too many things at once and it ended up being one of "those" mornings where I found myself thinking way too much, making mistakes and finally realising that I need to slow down and start again. 

So instead I share with you a picture of my little princess..although I am thinking little ratbag suits her more.  This is her favourite pose for a picture...never fails.. even if you get a sneaky shot she will insist  you take another one so she can pose and take a look at her efforts. She is very proud of this stance....

How nice that her knickers match her top. LOL 

I think her mum should enrol her in karate classes. She has all the kicks and punches down pat. Gee maybe I should go back to karate classes myself. Might help focus the mind. I am really feeling off today. I think I need some sort of exercise right now, thats for sure. 

With that said, I am off to try and make an effort to get something done. Have a beautiful day. xox


  1. Karate for the Ratbag, T'ai Chi for you. I used to practice T'ai Chi and it really does relax your mind. It's like a physical meditation. I'd love to get back to it, but have absolutely no room in my schedule for classes right now.


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