Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun Monday - Favourite Food

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by Deb and she would like to know what our favourite food is.  I had to really think about this one as I am certainly not a foodie in any sense of the word. Food to me is a bit like water, we need it to survive so we eat it. Unlike some people I know, who I would refer to as "foodies" I don't drool over food unless I am starving. Although this picture is making me drool a little...I have not eaten yet today.....

Most of the time I just eat it when I am hungry but every now and then I go all conscious on myself and actually make an effort to REALLY eat properly You know like cover the foods one should eat in a day to get enough nutrition in the body so it does not pack it in on you and crave something sugary or bread like. And of course I will throw in some herbs and spices to cover all bases. Vegie curries are great for this. ;-)

 I mention this as I am often in the mode of forgetting to eat when I should. I will be busy and then simply forget to eat. Its times like that when I generally will crave something not so good for me. Like Cheesecake. OMG I love cheesecake. It however does not love me so much. I am a bit gluten intolerant and while I can eat some dairy the lactose it contains tends to upset my tummy too. :-( So while I will say its my favourite desert I do not indulge in it too often.

So you are probably getting from the pictures by now that I love my vegies and if I had to pick one I could not live without it would have to be the spinach family, anything green really. Silverbeet, spinach, chard, or any of the lettuce family in the darker green varieties. While I am not against cooking them, I do prefer them raw and freshly picked from the garden. Homegrown food always tastes that little bit better. YUM! Yep I am a bit of a rabbit. But i feel so much better when I eat the right things for my body.  In summer we eat a lot of this type of food....

Lately my favourite food would have to be roast pumpkin salad. Similar to the roasted veggie salad pictured above however it has no grains and sundried tomatoes and feta cheese instead. Now I think I better go make some banana yoghurt before I start craving cheese cake.

Have a great day everyone. Love and Light to you xoxoxoxox


  1. I love my hamburgers, but like you, find that they don't love me so much. I only eat the ones we've made at home anymore. I know what's in them and can make them leaner and better for me than McDonald's can.

    I love veggies, but prefer mine cooked. Never was a salad kind of girl.

  2. Love. Love. Love veggies. This post makes me want to go out to the garden and pick something to cook. Oh wait. There's nothing in the garden. May I come to your house and eat ?


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