Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embracing the rain....

Yesterday we had a lovely storm followed by some much appreciated teamed down....

So like most crazy coastie's we went to the beach. Perfect timing for beautiful.....

The boys went off for a surf and as the rain started pouring once again we put the camera back in the car and went for a nice wet walk. The rain was all warm and jumping in puddles for little people was lots of fun. 

Once we were sufficiently drenched, we headed back to my friends Winebago (which was conveniently located in the car park) and took some time to chat, knit and crochet while we dried off. 

It was a most loverly way to end the day.

Namaste. xoxox

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello my lovely friends,

Its been a while since I have dropped by, hope you are all well and have enjoyed the holiday season. Its nice and hot in Australia at the moment and we have been enjoying some amazing beach weather on the coast.

While I would love to share some of my latest news, I actually popped by to share some news about my oldest daughter Ashlee today.

Ashlee is joining the kickstart program and looking for pledges from as little as $1 to help her get started with expanding her home studio fashion label - Charlotte and Moon based in Sydney, Australia. Her short video explains it all and if you scroll down afterwards there is another short video which is taken at one of our local beaches on the Central Coast and showcases her gorgeous models wearing her new range of clothes called Euphoria.

There is absolutely no obligation to pledge and you can just have a look, leave some feedback if you like or just watch the videos and have a look. We would be very grateful if you could share the link on your facebook, blogs, websites etc if you like what you see to share it around. Pledge's from $20  also receive gifts from the store or items from the new range.  This dress is my personal favourite... its a little longer on me, I don't have long legs like the gorgeous model. ;-)

All details are on the link.  Thank you in advance to those who are able to help and if you have a few minutes to spare.. enjoy......

Euphoria by Charlotte and Moon Kickstarter link. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Blog fail - Life Score

Yes once again I failed the daily blogging challenge. Life of course has been way more important, lots of visitors passing through. Celebrations to be had and getting back into the swing of our homeschooling and my own creative space in the aftermath has left no time for blogging.  Even now I am taking a very quick cup of coffee before waking the kids to start the day so thought I would just share some pics of my daughters engagement party. All went well, a good time was had by them and their friends, the old folks survived and the clean up was achieved. :-)

The mums and the nana's 

The happy couple

There was a lot of laughter


First picture of all my kids together in years. :-) 
The balloons never made it to the party as my niece Jazzy chucked a wobbly whenever one came out.  The balloons were therefore locked up in the cot where other than three who went home with one very cute little guy, they still remain. Anyone want a balloon?

Would love to show you more but the sun is up and I need to prepare for the day. Have a beautiful day everyone. Hugs xoxoxox

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fun Monday - Favourite Food

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by Deb and she would like to know what our favourite food is.  I had to really think about this one as I am certainly not a foodie in any sense of the word. Food to me is a bit like water, we need it to survive so we eat it. Unlike some people I know, who I would refer to as "foodies" I don't drool over food unless I am starving. Although this picture is making me drool a little...I have not eaten yet today.....

Most of the time I just eat it when I am hungry but every now and then I go all conscious on myself and actually make an effort to REALLY eat properly You know like cover the foods one should eat in a day to get enough nutrition in the body so it does not pack it in on you and crave something sugary or bread like. And of course I will throw in some herbs and spices to cover all bases. Vegie curries are great for this. ;-)

 I mention this as I am often in the mode of forgetting to eat when I should. I will be busy and then simply forget to eat. Its times like that when I generally will crave something not so good for me. Like Cheesecake. OMG I love cheesecake. It however does not love me so much. I am a bit gluten intolerant and while I can eat some dairy the lactose it contains tends to upset my tummy too. :-( So while I will say its my favourite desert I do not indulge in it too often.

So you are probably getting from the pictures by now that I love my vegies and if I had to pick one I could not live without it would have to be the spinach family, anything green really. Silverbeet, spinach, chard, or any of the lettuce family in the darker green varieties. While I am not against cooking them, I do prefer them raw and freshly picked from the garden. Homegrown food always tastes that little bit better. YUM! Yep I am a bit of a rabbit. But i feel so much better when I eat the right things for my body.  In summer we eat a lot of this type of food....

Lately my favourite food would have to be roast pumpkin salad. Similar to the roasted veggie salad pictured above however it has no grains and sundried tomatoes and feta cheese instead. Now I think I better go make some banana yoghurt before I start craving cheese cake.

Have a great day everyone. Love and Light to you xoxoxoxox

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Its Flipping Fun......

For sport this term we have been bouncing about at the new local Flip Out Centre.

Every Tuesday afternoon the kids get together and pretty much bounce, flip, and run up walls until they wear themselves out.  It is extremely good exercise. And loads of fun to boot. 

This week I decided to bring the camera along and Zak spent the majority of the time trying to avoid me. His friends on the other hand were not camera shy, they were not bought up with mum blogging their antics. LOL In fact most were quite happy to smile or bounce for the camera so here are a few shots. This is Demitri coming in for a landing......

And flipping into the foam pit......head first......

Ezra found it more amusing to laugh at the lady with the camera......

While his mother was off giving that flip in the foam pit a try.....

 Ouch.... not supposed to land on the edge first.....

Maybe a little more practice is required for such feats....getting out of the foam pit was a major expedition in itself.  I thought some kids might never emerge...

There is always time for handstands and cartwheels along with the bouncing and flipping......

And of course there was time for sneaky mothers to take pictures of people who demanded she not.  I am going with the theory that I spent all morning picking up after certain people that I earned a few sneaky blog shots....

Just a few........

Ok I think I am busted....Im out of here.....

Have a beautiful day all. Hugs and smoochies xoxox

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Keep It Simple .... Silly....

I had great plans of getting up and writing a deep and meaningful post today. You know, actually making an effort to write something interesting. However, I had one hell of a night of vivid dreaming and did not end up with much sleep. Thought I would start the day with an uplifting meditation only to end up doing more of a healing meditation which left me feeling a bit off skew. Then I tried to do too many things at once and it ended up being one of "those" mornings where I found myself thinking way too much, making mistakes and finally realising that I need to slow down and start again. 

So instead I share with you a picture of my little princess..although I am thinking little ratbag suits her more.  This is her favourite pose for a picture...never fails.. even if you get a sneaky shot she will insist  you take another one so she can pose and take a look at her efforts. She is very proud of this stance....

How nice that her knickers match her top. LOL 

I think her mum should enrol her in karate classes. She has all the kicks and punches down pat. Gee maybe I should go back to karate classes myself. Might help focus the mind. I am really feeling off today. I think I need some sort of exercise right now, thats for sure. 

With that said, I am off to try and make an effort to get something done. Have a beautiful day. xox

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Little Winifred

I finished this little tunic while on holidays recently and have only just managed to get some pictures of it. Her ladyship, Miss Peanut was not wanting to take pictures today so I had to chase her around the backyard while she played with the dogs. About a hundred shots later we did manage to get a couple where you can see the pattern and the colour looks accurate. 

The Yarn is Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply Printed. Nice to knit with and they have some pretty colours. 

The pattern is called Little Winifred by Sezza Knits. I used a larger needle this time as it was the only one I had while away and it came out a little big which is fine as it will fit her for a few years. Loved the pattern, easy to follow and very versatile as it can worn as a longer tunic or as a shorter top. 

Little Winifred is knit in the round, with a bit of cabling at the front and a plain back. 

If you would like to buy the pattern is available here. I have just discovered that there is now an adult version too. Looking just as lovely as the little girls one too. 

Now I must away and play with her ladyship  .... HUWWY UP WISA HUWWY UP! 

Have a beautiful day everyone. May your whole being be filled with LOVE and LIGHT. xoxoxox